A Rough Itinerary

I should probably lay some foundations for this blog and explain a bit about where I’m actually going. For anyone I know reading this, I’m sure I’ve mentioned my trip once or twice (or a thousand times!) but if you’ve just stumbled across my blog or I haven’t seen you in a while then I’ll fill you in.


You could probably call it quarter world trip. We are flying to the other side of the world and then are going to work our way back towards the UK covering Australasia and the South East of Asia – standard backpacking destinations I know but when it’s so far away from the UK it’s no surprise why!

I will be flying into Perth, Australia and spending the first few weeks exploring the west coast. We do a little stop off in Bali in the middle of this leg of the trip and this will be where I spend my 23rd birthday. I am unbelievably excited about this and am hoping to do some pretty cool stuff while we’re there!

After we have explored a bit of the west coast we fly to Adelaide and from there we’ll be driving the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne where will be spending the majority of December including being there for Christmas.

Sydney is our next stop and that’s where we will be bringing in the New Year and (most likely) where we will spend quite a bit more time working – we’ll probably need to replenish the funds a bit by then!

That’s really all we have properly planned, after that it just gets designated into regions – go see the middle, the top and then cover all the east – so a lot more vague.

After Australia we are heading to New Zealand, the South Pacific islands and then into South East Asia. As you can imagine this has definitely not been planned more than that and a lot of what we do will depend on money by that point, how we are feeling and if we have been recommended anything cool by the people we meet along the way.

I’ll be keeping my blog up to date and will be letting you know where abouts we are so the itinerary doesn’t need to be super detailed right now anyway. I just thought it would be best to let you know the rough plan for the start of the trip so that you have a bit of an idea where abouts I’ll be or, especially if I don’t know you, if you’re even interested!

Sending Love x

3 thoughts on “A Rough Itinerary

  1. Hi Niall & Imo l don’t know if l am doing something wrong as l can’t get beyond this page without being asked about a subscription. Have you written anything else on your blog yet that l am unable access? Love to you both you lucky peopleX


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