High in the Mountains – Munduk

The little village of Munduk, high in the mountains of Bali, is described by the Lonely Planet as “one of Bali’s most appealing mountain retreats” and I can see why. The reason we added this to our list of places to visit during our trip was because it promised great views and that it was a place designed for relaxation (check and check). We have done this on trips before, in our intensive two week trip around Italy we stopped for a night in a little coastal town called Riomaggiore and spent the whole time we were there recuperating and sunbathing – greatly needed to get ready for the second week of exploring. I’m sure you have been able to tell from my posts so far that we like to cram a lot in, see a lot and aren’t always the best at sitting still.

The day started slowly, through no fault of our own, due to a thunderstorm. It rained and rained until around 2pm so we just relaxed, napped and I wrote my birthday blog post (this took longer than expected due to the wifi turning on and off a lot during the storm). I should probably clarify what I mean by storm. Yes, there was rain, thunder and lightning but it isn’t like a storm you would get in the UK. There was no wind so the rain fell vertically allowing us to stay out on our roofed balcony and it wasn’t cold. So apart from the fact that we’d have been drenched had we ventured out, there was nothing alarming about the weather at all – not the case with most English storms.

The village of Munduk is just two rows of buildings down a busy mountain road. The place is full of Warungs (shops/markets), homestays and restaurants, all overlooking the beautiful views of forest and mountains on either side of the road. While we looked for somewhere to eat, we passed locals sitting in their houses/warungs laughing and chatting across the road to each other – it was lovely to see this little place just going about their daily life! We ate a great lunch (probably the best food we have had in Bali so far) and had planned to visit a nearby waterfall but our legs didn’t like walking up the mountain road so we changed our plans and returned to our homestay to relax in the pool (I still can’t believe it had a pool) before the sun set.

One thing that is great about how we are away for so long is that a day of relaxing is not a day wasted when we know that we have some many more days to see everything we want. We are now rested and ready to explore some more!

Sending Love x

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