Goodbye WA

Our journey through the trees (see last post) led us to a nice stop off in Albany. This is the oldest European settlement in the state and was one of the last places many Australian soldiers saw before heading out to War. Mount Clarence, on the edge of Albany has been made into a war memorial for both the World Wars. We visited here the day after Remembrance Day. The views of the coastline from here were gorgeous and we were able to see how big Albany actually was! In the first memorial, flowers were also thrown into the water which was to signify the soldiers last time in Australia. It was nice to get to explore this town as there is a lot there (shops etc.) and its clear that its a popular place to move to. It had a lovely coastline and nice open streets and we had a lovely evening here.

Next, we began our journey back up the south west to Perth. We stopped at Torgadirrup which has ‘The Gap’ and ‘The Natural Bridge’ over the sea. There was also a look out which went over the sea and showed the crashing waves below.

An aboriginal story (from the Mimang people) says that two brothers were fighting over a girl and so the elders made them stand on either side of the gap in the rock (the two ridges you can see in the picture above). One had a boomerang and the other had a spear. They both struck each other, one in the back with the boomerang, the other with the spear and they fell into the water. They say that the brother struck with the boomerang turned into a shark and the other brother turned into a sting ray.

There is also ‘The Natural Bridge’ next to the sea which was caused by the impact from the waves crashing into the rocks until some of the rock crumbled and fell into the sea. There was a story about someone wanting a better photo and being swept out to sea as a deterrent to stop you doing that – the sea had some big waves so that’s not something I’d have done anyway!

On our way up to Perth we stumbled across a surreal place on the side of the road called Gnomesville. It was formed from a single gnome being placed into the hollow of a tree and then suddenly more and more being added until it became a small Gnome village and now people have made the stop here from all over the world to leave their own gnomes – we’re still not 100% where it actually is as we were driving through the middle of nowhere when we found it!

We had never heard of this place and came across is by chance. Although it would have been cool to have left a gnome here, it was kind of better to stumble across such a random, surreal place. There was a gnomes police station and lots of gnomes dotted through the trees, in the grass and in the stream. There must have been thousands of them from all over the world!

We spent the next two nights staying with family friends in a suburb of Perth. Anne, Hannah and Charlotte made us feel so welcome and we spent our time here relaxing, eating some lovely food and swimming in the pool.

We headed to the beach for our last night in Perth to eat fish and chips and watch the sun set. It was such a lovely way to end our time in WA. We have seen and done some amazing things, met lovely people and fallen in love with what we have seen of Australia so far.

Next stop, Adelaide.

Sending Love to WA x


P.S. I am running behind on my blog posts because of having a lot of packed days, staying in different places each night and limited WIFI. We left WA for Adelaide on the 14th November 2016.

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