Exploring Melbourne

I’m really glad we have been able to stay in this great city for 5 weeks. We have been able to explore a lot of while we’ve been here and it’s definitely a city I could imagine living in – there is so much to do!

The best way to get around is by tram. You’ll need a MyKi card (you can’t just buy a ticket on the tram and not every stop has a ticket booth to buy the cards which isn’t ideal as you’ll still get in trouble if you get caught without one). Once you’re in the city though there is also a free tram zone which you can use to hop on and hop off to see the main city sites – very handy!

Like with some of my other posts, this is likely to be more pictures than writing but I’ll write anything of note or any explanations where relevant.

Hosier Lane


This lane, like many others you’ll find throughout the city, is designed to promote street art in a more positive, creative light. The pictures here change regularly so pictures I post wouldn’t be the same as if you were to come and visit. Even when we have been there we have seen artists in lanes like this creating some for of art – a very clever idea to reduce unwanted graffiti in other areas of the city.

St Patrick’s Cathedral


Apparently this is one of the world’s largest and finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture. It was named after the patron saint of Ireland and was constructed between 1863 and 1939.


I haven’t eaten here (what with sticking to a budget) but there are loads of restaurants and is really big which Chinese gates bordering both entrances. There is a massive Asian population in Australia and, as well as Chinatown, there is big Vietnamese population which seems to be predominantly in Richmond (where Niall’s friends from uni live) which also has a tonne of Vietnamese restaurants that all look great (and are always very busy!).

State Library of Victoria

I love this building, loads of people were sitting outside relaxing and there were statues from stories throughout the grounds. The main Reading Room is the best bit though as its a large octagonal room called La Trobe and is 5 stories (I think) with a gorgeous glass dome ceiling.


There was also a free exhibit on at the library when we visited which was about 40 years of a radio station called RRR that’s famous in Australia.

Parliament House


Melbourne Central

This is the CBD’s shopping centre and is really big. I’m really only including it because it has this really cool tower in the middle and a pretty clock which just makes it a bit cooler. There is also a pancake parlour in here which does really nice pancakes which we got for free because Kathryn has some vouchers (YUM).

Federation (Fed) Square


This place is a popular meeting place in the city, is surrounded by exhibition spaces (I think that’s what they are) and is next to Flinders Street Station and a bunch of parks. Apparently it took quite a while for the people of Melbourne to accept this place for the relaxation space it was designed to be but we have often seen it very busy, especially now its getting sunnier and hotter.

Flinders Street Station

Next to Fed Square is the Flinders Street Train Station. There isn’t really anything to see inside (it just looks like a normal train station) but the building itself is really nice. It’s gold and red brick and contrasts to the grey of the modern buildings around it – worth a pass by and admire on your way to or from Fed Square!




South Wharf Promenade

This used to be the docks and factories of Melbourne then became a sort of wasteland because the factories weren’t being used anymore and the north of the river had become the business district. In the 1990s it was redeveloped with the conference centre, restaurants and business.

This area also has the Polly Woodside which is an old tall ship from Ireland which is really strange to see surrounded by modern buildings.

This city is just fantastic.

Sending Love x

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