St Kilda

St Kilda is where people in Melbourne go when they’re in need of a day at the beach. It is also where a lot of travellers live as it has loads of hospitality jobs and the majority of the hostels. We wanted to wait for some sun before we explored here so it was over a week after arriving in Melbourne that we managed to get here (it really hasn’t been very sunny!)

Me, Niall and Amy got the number 12 tram to the end of the line and, as easy as that we were at the beach. Melbourne is pretty flat so it’s quite cool because you can see the brilliant Melbourne city skyline from the beach!

It was a bit windy the first day we visited this beach (summer was taking a while to kick in here!) so we didn’t sun bathe but it was lovely to walk along the jetty and relax in the sun. We ate lunch on the beach and had amazing ice cream from a little store along one of the shopping streets.

I can see why it’s popular with travellers, the beach is lined with a lot of little restaurants, cafés and bars and so I bet getting a job here would be pretty easy. A friend of mine told me that, because they know travellers will take the work, a lot of places actually pay below minimum wage and cash in hand which is a shame that they’re exploiting our need for cash so much! One thing to keep in mind, if you do decide to go for one of these jobs, is that you would be committing tax evasion and if you were caught you would be deported (I have heard this happen to someone!). Something I’m still struggling to get used to – even more so at the beach – is the Christmas decorations everywhere! St Kilda has a giant Christmas tree stood in the middle of the street bordered by two palm trees – I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that!

My good friend Becky, who I know from my LPC, lives and works here with her friend from home, Kathryn. The tram stops opposite her house so it was easy to meet up and we have been able to see each other a few times whilst I’ve been in Melbourne!

There is also a theme park here called Luna Park which has a really cool entrance. Its not a massive theme park and was actually closed when I went so I haven’t seen inside but the entrance is good.


After a couple of weeks in Melbourne, I completed my Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate which is needed to be able to work with alcohol in Australia. Different states have different ones so I’ll have to do this more than once whilst in Aus if I want to work in a bar or restaurant but it is a good thing to get as bar work has a lot more opportunities for casual/ temp work. Getting the RSA led me to be able to work some beach festivals here (one that Niall also worked at too) which were both really fun. One was called Pleasure Garden which was more of an alternative, hippie vibe and different bands then the other one was SLAM Festival which was dance music. SLAM is the festival Niall worked at too – he was a bussie (dealing with stock etc.) and I was a bartender in the VIP section which was fantastic because I ended up coming home with $170 in tips! The beach can get super windy but it was pretty cool to see some of the festivals, they have them throughout the summer which is really cool so would be brilliant if you were basing yourself in Melbourne for the summer.

Sending Love x

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