Hot Water Beach

On the 24th March we started the main leg of our Kiwi Experience bus. The first stop we would be staying in was Hot Water Beach. We had a lovely bunch of people on our bus and we all got on really well which is a massive bonus with buses like this.

We headed into the Coromandel Peninsula which gave us beautiful views around the coastline. Our accommodation was at Hot Water Beach and we were staying in really nice log cabin dorms in a camping ground. The dorms were purpose built for Kiwi Experience and we were all really impressed with where we would be spending the night.

After getting settled, we all got back on the bus and were taken to Mercury Bay. Once we arrived we walked along a pretty hilly path down to Cathedral Cove. The cove is one of the settings for Prince Caspian, one of the Chronicles of Narnia movies.

The beach is really pretty, very small but you could sit and chill in the tranquil setting for hours. There was also the option to kayak to the cove but we decided to save our money for other things – would be pretty beautiful mind.

After tea and some drinks with everyone from our bus, we headed to the beach to try our hand at making our own hot water pools. In a way it’s a shame our bus group isn’t a fixed tour because we couldn’t have asked for a better group to start our bus journey with!

The Hot Water Beach was amazing! We had shovels and dig holes in the sand which caused the water from the sea to mix with water that is heated from geothermal activity. The water actually got really hot when it didn’t have enough sea water mixed in it so you had to be careful.

There were loads of us in the heated pools all together and there were also heated pools left over from the low tide earlier in the afternoon. We dotted from pool to pool until we found a pool we liked the temperature of and chilled for ages there – it was like a natural, albeit very sandy, jacuzzi. As you can only dig the pools when there is a low tide which was at 9pm that day, it was very dark when we went so it wasn’t the easiest to see what the place looked like. I googled what the hot water pools look like on the beach though so have also attached a picture of that to show what it would have looked like if you had night vision or it had been during the day.

It was so much fun digging and relaxing in our own hot pools and, in a way, it was quite cool to experience it all in the dark. Ideally though, if you had the time, try get to experience both so that you can actually see the pools you’re digging. I liked the mystery of it all though and it was an awful lot quieter going there after dark!

Next stop: Waitomo

Sending Love x

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