Brisbane Living

On the week of the 22nd March 2017, we did a weeks temporary work at the Leukaemia Foundation which we had got through one of the recruitment companies we were signed up with, Robert Half. We were making outgoing calls to people who had signed up to take part in one of the foundations campaigns called the World’s Greatest Shave. This campaign is one of the largest in Australia and involved people cutting, shaving or colouring their hair and being sponsored to do so. The campaign has raised over $16 million this year which is incredible and tv shows, schools and individuals took part in it all over the country. We were calling people who had signed up to take part in the campaign but then not sent the foundation any money they had raised. We were trying to find out if they had indeed taken part and if so, if they needed the payment details to donate. The calls were all really nice as we got to find out what people had done for the campaign and give them a big thank you which they all really appreciated. Due to the nature of the organisation we were calling from we did also have some harder calls to deal with people telling us about sick or deceased loved ones. Overall, we enjoyed our week at the Leukaemia Foundation and it was good to be working and making some money again.

At the weekend we relaxed at South Bank which is a really nice spot in Brisbane, particularly on a sunny day. The Rugby League Origin was going to be starting in Brisbane soon and there was a fan day being hosted by the river which we decided to go along to as we would be going to the game on Wednesday. The fan day had a band on, various displays of past players jerseys and also some games and competitions. One competition that Niall took part in was to pass a rugby ball through a small hole. Niall ended up getting one of the highest scores of the game so he was entered into a draw for a prize.

The Rugby League Origins matches are three games that are held between Queensland and New South Wales. The teams are made up of people who started their rugby league career in that state and it is known as the highest level of competition in rugby league. It is a massive event and so we thought it was the perfect rugby league game to go and see. The Queensland colour was maroon and, as we had spent most of our time in Queensland and would be living here for a while, that was who we were supporting. We both made sure to wear maroon for the game and got there early to make sure we didn’t miss any pre-game entertainment.

The show started around quarter to 7 and began with flame throwers and fireworks all to a live band. The focus was on Queensland being better than New South Wales and showcasing what was great about the state. There were some speeches from ex-players and it was all being broadcasted around Australia (we got told around 4 million people would be watching it). A band called Birds of Tokyo played which must have been incredible for them and they made the whole crowd flash lights from their phones which made the whole stadium look like the night sky! All of the entertainment got everyone very excited for the game ahead.

They announced the teams and they sang the Australian national anthem – you couldn’t even hear the singer over the crowd singing and then we had a minutes silence for a policeman who died recently in the line of duty. That was so incredible to be a part of because the 50,390 people in the stadium all fell silent at once and it wasn’t broken at all until the minute was up.

The game was great and the atmosphere was incredible. I was able to follow what was happening and Niall was able to fill me in on what I didn’t understand. During the game two people fell down after a tackle – they got up and immediately collapsed again as if stunned. This reminded me how dangerous the game could be but, luckily, neither player was seriously hurt. New South Wales ended up winning the game 28-4 which was a shame but we still had a great night. 

A couple of days later I went on a night out with some of the girls from the hostel; Charlotte from my room and four girls who were staff at the hostel that i had become friends with, Amber, Susie, Roxanne and Leanne. We started our night at the Flaming Galah which is the bar next to the hostel and spent some time with more of our friends from the hostel before we headed to a place called the Fox Hotel. This place didn’t have great music but the view of the city was really nice and I had a good time with the girls so it was a fun night overall.

That weekend we decided that we would go to Fiji so the rest of the weekend was taken up planning and booking our trip – this was all over the space of 48 hours so incredibly last minute!

Next stop: Fiji

Sending Love x

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