Living in Brisbane – a photo post

A perk of living in Brisbane (and one of the reasons we chose this city as our home for 4 months) was that you still have nice weather in winter. Melbourne and Sydney get cold and that’s not really what you sign up for when you pack your bags and head to Australia. Having nice weather meant we were really able to enjoy our time here when we weren’t at work.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, we were living in Summer House Backpackers Hostel on Upper Roma Street (close to town and opposite the supermarket Coles – ideal) which had a great group of people living there so a Saturday night often involved going out to somewhere, often in Fortitude Valley. Below are photos of our time living in Brisbane between May and August 2017.

The view from my work!

Saying goodbye to Joseph with drinks on the Southbank Riverfront

Christmas in July at the hostel

Random nights out

Roxanne leaving Brisbane

Brisbane is a really pretty city and it’s also great for its food events! At one of these events, Ben and Jerry’s were giving away free tubs of their ice cream – we got a tub each, naturally. They’re also great a lighting up their city so, in my opinion, Brisbane is even prettier at night.

The Roma Street Parklands – a beautiful park right next to our hostel

Brisbane have a bank holiday called Ekka Day which is essentially a day off for people in the Brisbane City district to go to a big show/ fairground/ convention type event that is held once a year for a week or so. For us, it just meant a day we didn’t get paid… but we made the most of it and spent the day relaxing at Southbank with some beers.

As I’m sure you can see, we had a good time in Brisbane and it’s a really pretty city to live in. I think it’s often underestimated compared to Sydney or Melbourne but it’s got a lot to offer. Also, it’s definitely easier on save in Brisbane (the cost of living being lower here) and you can’t beat having good weather all year round!

Another amazing view from work to end this post!

Sending Love x

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