Thailand’s Capital – Bangkok

We said goodbye to Kathryn and Koh Tao on Sunday 25th February 2018 at 2pm when we were taken to the port. We were getting the ferry to Chumporn on the mainland and then a bus through the night up to Bangkok. The journey was going to take 15 hours and we would be arriving at 5am the following day (Monday 26th).

By the time the ferry arrived, got everyone off and got us all on it was 3:30pm and so we were an hour behind schedule – not that it mattered as we were in no rush to be in Bangkok. The boat got into Chumporn at 6:30pm and then the bus left at 7pm. We were able to get some fried rice at a little stall for 40 baht whilst we waited for our tea. The bus was a double decker with air con and leather seats. It would be travelling through the night and I think we both missed the sleeper buses we had spent so long on in Vietnam as we couldn’t lie down on this bus!

We arrived into Bangkok, just off the famous Khao San Road at 4am, an hour earlier than we had expected. The street was understandably empty and quiet and we went into a 24 hour Burger King to use their wifi and rest. Our original plan had been to find a hostel to store our bags and then go exploring but after looking into it more we decided to just find a very cheap hostel and get a few hours sleep and a shower instead. We were able to find a hostel on Hostelworld that was just around the corner from Khao San Road called Khao San Lovers Hostel which had decent reviews and would only cost us 180 baht (£2) for a bed. When we arrived here at 6am, no one was around so we sat in the lobby and used their wifi until a member of staff appeared at 7am to allocate us a bed.

We had the free breakfast on offer and then went straight to our beds and to sleep. Niall slept until around 10am and I slept until around noon – both of us really needing that nap to make us feel human again! We were able to shower and then headed to a shopping centre called Siam Paragon where we had a McDonald’s and then went to see the Marvel film Black Panther (which is very very good!)

During our time in Bangkok before we had to get to the airport, we only saw a section of Khao San Road and this shopping centre. It didn’t matter though as we would be returning to Bangkok after India and so would get to have a proper look around then and we likely would have been too tired to look around the sites anyway.

Our flight to India was at 3:30am and the last public bus left at 8pm. We decided that instead of paying for a taxi all the way to the airport we would get a taxi to Phayathai Airport Link Station which would then take us to Suvarnabhumi Airport. In less than an hour, we were at the airport at around 10pm so went to Starbucks as we needed somewhere to sit and every seat in the airport was either taken or blocked by someone sleeping. It was the first frappuccino we had had in a very long time so we weren’t complaining about having one in Bangkok Airport!

We had to wait hours and hours before we boarded our flight. Even checking our bags in involved waiting in a queue for an hour! By the time we got on the plane we were very tired and knew that we would be exhausted when we arrived into India.

Island hopping around Southern Thailand had been really good and it had been good to do more diving and get a good tan. We had been able to chill a lot and so it was a shame that the flight was so early seeing as this meant that we were no longer well rested for the next leg of our trip and I had a feeling we’d need our energy for India!

Oh well, I’m sure we’ll survive. India, here we come!

Sending Love x

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