About Me


Most of the people who read my blog will already know who I am but, hopefully, this will also reach people I have never met. In case you are that person or I’ve been away so long that you’re beginning to forget who I am, then hello! My name is Imogen.

I consider myself outgoing, friendly and inquisitive. I find it easy to meet new people and enjoy getting to know about people’s lives and interests. I’m hoping that the friends I have will increase from this trip – fingers crossed!

I am 22 (turning 23 while I’m travelling – can’t wait!)* and am from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. I have just finished 4 years of university and my plan
is to forget about life’s responsibilities and all of the decisions I need to make about my future and just explore the world and have a great time doing it.

I am not alone in my travels. I am going with my boyfriend, Niall**, so he is likely to feature quite heavily in the blog – not in a reality show kind of way though don’t worry! This is just a heads up so that I don’t have to introduce him in each post (there would be a high chance of me forgetting to do this anyway!)

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures. I’ll try to keep this as up to date as I can and will try include as many little gems or “must-sees” as I can in case this reaches anyone planning their own trip! I’m also happy to answer any questions from anyone who is planning on going anywhere I have been and all my blogs will be as honest as possible about what I did and how we felt about each place so hopefully it will be as helpful as possible to prospective fellow travellers. To all my friends and family who may read this – sorry if I haven’t been in touch recently but at least you’ll know I’m alright!

Sending love x

*I have now turned 24 (it’s mad we’ve been away that long!)

**Due to Niall experiencing all of this with me he will be like an ‘editor’ and will also make sure I don’t forget to mention anything we have done – hopefully this will give me the best chance of including everything of importance (two minds are better than one after all!)

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